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1 / Can I use insurance?

I do not accept insurance but am happy to provide a monthly superbill if you would like to file for out-of-network reimbursement with your primary insurance. It is your responsibility to consult your insurance company directly to determine your out-of-network benefits. Your insurance company will inform you about whether your sessions will be covered, what percentage will be covered, and their procedures for reimbursement. Reimbursements are made at your insurance provider’s discretion.

2 / Can I see you in person?

All sessions are provided via telehealth. I understand this won't feel right for everyone and if you are wanting in person sessions I can give you some referrals to other providers.

3 / What if it doesn't seem like the right fit?

If at any time you feel like "I don't know about this Natalie lady..." you can cancel sessions. You can tell me, you can ghost me, you can text me, whatever feels right for you. With that being said, therapy is about working through discomfort and sometimes it is incredibly helpful to talk about missed opportunities and to collaborate on what isn't working. I encourage you to talk to me first before leaving and if that doesn't help I'm also happy to give you referrals to other providers.

4 / How often do we meet?

Usually meeting frequency is either once a week or every other week. We can decide together at our initial meeting what will work best for you.

5 / Will I have a diagnosis?

In order to qualify for reimbursement from insurance you must have a qualifying mental health diagnosis. You are entitled to know your diagnosis and we will discuss it together so you understand how it informs your therapy.

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